DeLorean DMC-12. Back to the Future. #backtothefuture #delorean #dmc12 #car #autos

112 tablets to consume for my viral fever nasib baik bukan denggi. I wasn’t aware yang tonsil aku bengkak sampai Doktor kat Hosp Selayang yang check. Dia pun terjekut kenapa aku tak sedar kene tonsil. Sebabnya aku tak rasa sakit langsung. Pelik. Tapi demamnya melampau2. So 2kali amik darah both results showed yang white blood cell punya platlet masih tinggi. Syukur. Now kat Ipoh di jaga oleh both my parents. Kalau duduk damansara memang tak makan la aku. Bangun pun tak. Regarding my complaint about HKL tu, no news for today but I have submitted all the evidences yang diorang mintak. Confirm “1mg PCM Stat” tu ada pemberian paling ikhlas nurse tu iaitu - 2 bijik panadol makan waktu di depan pharmacy dan balik. She not even ask me to bukak mulut ke apa ke. Cume check BP dengan temperature. Sofia pun boleh buatkan untuk aku. Apalah nasib badan. Terpaksa menanggung derita 3 hari yang azab. Allahurabbi. Ampunilah dosa2 ku…. #ubat #medicine #viralfever (at Mom Dad’s SweetHome)

Morning. Cerita awal pagi tadi. I had a very very bad fever. I think my body temperature pukul 1.30-2.00am was 40•. So I went to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) and reached around 2.20/2.25am. I was at the casualty triage where a nurse asked me “What can I help you?” And I said I had fever. So she completed my borang and asked me to walk by following the green footsteps on the floor (which I know my case would be referred to Green Zone (Non-critical). I was walking (don’t mention the distance) and had a very bad headache and dizzy all the way. When my name was being called by a nurse, I entered Room 3 and the same nurse was on the chair waiting for me to examine! Ok. I told her I had a fever since Sunday night. I got diarrhea too, dizzy all the time and I was taking Panadol(PCM) since that. She took my blood pressure and check my body temperature. The reading were 70/130 and 39.4• respectively. Then she wrote down something and passed me the small blue paper (to take medicine). I didn’t realised it yet but once I stepped out from the room I saw “PCM” which stands for Paracetamol! I decided not to take the PCM coz I have a lot at home BITCH!!! I was thinking she might ask me to get a blood test (for dengue) at least or admit me for a night to observe OR prescribe me for ANTIBIOTICS. I went to the counter to make payment and I complained to a guy there (where I am just supposed to pay RM1 for gov hospital) and the guy said “Tak nak amik ubat tak pa. Boleh balik”. My body temp was 39.4• which I never had in mylife. I will definitely complain this!! Thanks HKL. #HKL #fever #complain (at Hospital Kuala Lumpur(HKL))

I got fever. Bad feeling. Weak. Alone. #fever #weak #alone (at Ritze Perdana)

Petang saya di Padang Kote Lame. *sila baca slang perak. #sepetangdipenang #penang #padangkotalama #fortcornwallis (at Padang Kota Lama)

Jalan2 dengan Cik Pia. #sofia #penang #merdekagateaway

Selamat Hari Merdeka! Happy 57th Independence Malaysia 🎉🎉🎉 #bungaraya #selamatharimerdeka #happymerdeka #google #googlecelebratemerdeka

2 Rochers before zzzzzz #ferrerorocher (at Mom Dad’s SweetHome)

Nampak tak petua Cheese Cake aku yang sedap tu. LOL hahahahah. Semalam rajin buat cheese cake. Dapat la pujian sedap. Kan @areeve8 eheheheh #cheesecake #cheese #cake #rajin #petua (at Ritze Perdana)

Happy Birthday Baan26!! 🎂🎂🎂 Wonderful evening. #baan26 #birthdaybash #birthdayparty #restaurant #anniversary (at Baan 26)

My eyes! #ferrari #italia #ferrari458 #458 #italia458 #yellow #lunch (at Burgerbyte Zizan Damansara Perdana)

I want this so much #wishlist #legobricks #legocasing #lego

Thanks for inviting @ivanlovesinging #ivanturns21 #happybirthdayivan #birthdaybash (at Le Meridian)

FT with Sofia. Happy sungguh dia. Then she gave me her warmth smile. She grows very fast 😭 and I feel old. #sofia #cute #smile #facetime #niece

Sweet “72th” Birthday to @daudsamah and @apeeyqa. Happy Belated Birthday to both of you. Sorry lambat celeb. Nak kumpul semua satu masa susah. Hehehe. ❤️u both! #birthday #birthdaybash #birthdayparty

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